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RDtool -- RD formatter

What's rdtool?

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RD is Ruby's POD. RDtool is formatter for RD.

RD is multipurpose documentation format created for documentating Ruby and output of Ruby world. You can embed RD into Ruby script. And RD have neat syntax which help you to read document in Ruby script. On the other hand, RD have a feature for class reference.


Stable: Gem and tar.gz is available:

HEAD: GitHub: uwabami/rdtool


If you use gem, simply

  $ gem install rdtool

If you don't use gem, download .tar.gz and

  $ tar xvzf rdtool-(version).tar.gz
  $ cd rdtool-(version)
  $ ruby setup.rb    # or sudo ruby setup.rb



GPL-2+ or Ruby's. However, setup.rb is underl LGPL-2.1+


If you find bugs, comments, ... Please report github issues.


Current maintainer: Youhei SASAKI (